Fresh Tips: Mens Jeans

18 Oct

Introducing my newest series, Fresh Tips! My goal with this series of posts is to provide you (my loyal fans, clients, and curious viewers) with a clear description and visualization of my fashion advice through words and pictures; with some jokes, of course.
This one is about men’s jeans. I often refer to them as HAJ’s (hot ass jeans). I think most men, however, do not know the true meaning of HAJ’s. When their woman says, “Honey, wear some nice jeans tonight”, I’m pretty sure there is a look of confusion and the wheels are burning not turning. Well, I am here to make your lives easier, gentlemen, and to (hopefully) ease the pain in your heads. There are a few important guidelines to follow:
– relaxed is welcomed
– distressed not destroyed
– the darker the better
The jeans in this collage prove though that you can sport a slightly distressed jean (faded in some spots) with a dressier shirt and look lovely as well as appropriate for an evening out. You do not have to wear an ironed pair of black denim jeans. These jeans are relaxed, yet they fit. FIT is key. No one ever said the jeans-below-the-boxers-held-up-by-a-belt-look is attractive. No one. You want them to fit in the waist and the leg be long enough. That simply means they must have at least one crease at the bottom.
Keep in mind many current styles have embellishments on the pockets. These are by no means feminine, so don’t be afraid. If you find it is just not your style, there are plenty of manufacturers that stick with simple stitching. Also, the darker the denim the more formal the jean AND more flattering to most figures.
So the next time your significant other tells you she made reservations at the hottest new spot in the city… bust out the HAJ’s with a fabulous pair of shoes and a collared shirt. She may even pick up the tab!